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The McClanes - Lockdown Edition

Alexander McWilliam (Mad Monkey Improv) and Seamus Allen (What's the Game Improv) are back to bring you their 2 man show 'The McClanes' on Facebook Live on Friday 28th August at 8pm!

Join us for an evening of improvisational fun all to raise money for READ College's Access to The Arts charity!

What will the show be like?

Check out previous shows on YouTube - but with improv, nothing's ever the same twice!

What is the charity all about?

A career in the Performing Arts shouldn’t be the preserve of those who can afford to train or who already see themselves represented on stage and screen; it should be open to anyone who has the passion, determination and dedication to work in this industry. Find out more on the READ College website.

How can I donate?

Via our Virgin Money Giving page.