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Meditation Toolkit

Weekly course for February

Four week course 1 Feb-2 Mar

With Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo, this four-week course will enable us to deepen our meditation practice.

The programme consists of a dynamic combination of guided meditation and teaching, all aimed at enabling students to develop their daily practice and become skillful meditation practitioners.

Using instructions given in the texts, How to Understand the Mind and The Mirror of Dharma, Gen Nyingpo will explain the mental tools we need to make progress in meditation. The instructions that we will learn during this course are applicable to all of our practices whether we are engaging in simple breathing meditation, meditating on the stages of the path (Lamrim) or Buddha’s profound tantric meditations.

  • Types of meditation and how meditation works (available February 2 – 8)
  • The five forces – how to integrate all our daily practices (available February 9 – 15)
  • Essential tools for meditation: concentration, mindfulness and alertness (available February 16 – 22)
  • How to overcome distraction (available February 23 – March 1)


On the day of the first session you will receive a weblink and password to to view the videos for this course. You will also receive a reminder email each week.