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Pinhole Photography 'Can-eras' with Laura de Moxom

Learn how to make a basic pinhole camera out of a drinks can. (2 part workshop)

Workshop part 1 : 25 April

Learn how to make a basic pinhole camera out of a drinks can.


In this two part workshop you will be introduced to the concept of Pinhole Photography. After the workshop on 25 April you will leave equipped with a pinhole camera made out of a drinks can, plus the knowledge to shoot a black and white image and develop it using ‘caffenol’ – a home developer created from common household ingredients. This is a great introduction to principles of analogue photography and darkroom practices that can be achieved at home.


This workshop aimed at adults but younger participants welcome under adult supervision.


Pinhole photography is the punk rock of the photography world, a DIY process creating unexpected and dramatic images using basic materials and perfect for the beginner photographer; as no prior experience is required. This workshop will encourage participants to take the skills learnt and have fun playing with them, embracing the trial and error of the process, the beauty in the imperfections and unexpected results. There is nothing quite like the magic of seeing your first image appear!


The first session will be at a relaxed pace and include slideshow presentation, video demonstration and a make-along with plenty of space for asking questions and sharing ideas on how we might use our can-eras and set up our home ‘darkrooms’.


In the first session you will need:

· A tall drinks can

· A4 sheet of black card

· Black gaffer tape and/or black insulation tape

· Needle

· Scissors

· Tin Opener

· Pencil


In your confirmation email you will be sent a full list of everything you will require and need to set up to develop your own photos in your own time.

Laura recommends setting aside a day for shooting and developing your photos and experimenting with techniques learnt in her first session. You will also receive a unique Jelly website link for further information and tips to help you prepare.


Specialist equipment that will be needed to shoot and develop your photos in your own time:

- Harman positive photopaper - 9.6 x12.5cm (4 x 5”) 

- Soda crystals (decahydrate)

- A room that can be blacked out from light (thick cardboard, heavy duty bin liners, blackout material or blankets can be used for this).


Workshop part 2 - follow up: 9 May

There will be an opportunity to join in a second session on Sunday 9 May at 10am. (A zoom link invitation will be sent nearer the time). This will be an informal get together and a chance to share the results of our experiments, discussing the experience and results and troubleshooting any issues.


About our workshop host Laura:

Laura de Moxom is a mixed media alt photo artist and activist. She explores memory; its attachment to objects and the materiality of photographs, using a visual language of historic alternative photographic techniques, image transfer, assemblage and paint. She is currently exploring sustainability in relation to her practice, thinking about kinder materials and processes.

She has run workshops for more than 10 years with partners such as Reading Museum, Larmer Tree Festival and Library services. She is an Arts Award advisor and associate artist with Jelly and facilitates their Creative Book Club.

Artist website:

Artist Social media accounts:


This workshop will take place on zoom. To take part, ensure you have a device with a webcam and microphone. Download the Zoom app in advance. Set up your Zoom account:


2 hours before the meeting you will be sent an email from eventbrite with details on how to join. You don't need a zoom link or passcodes to join - Click the 'VIEW THE EVENT' orange button in the email and follow the log in prompts. You will see a countdown clock that will show you how long until the workshop will go live. The room will open 5 minutes before the start time.


If you have purchased this ticket on behalf of someone else please make sure they have access to your eventbrite account. 



Once you have joined the zoom room:


You can either have your video screen and microphone on or off - note that if it's on, people will be able to see and hear you. We encourage you to do this as these are small group sessions.


Please mute your microphone to ensure a clear audio connection with the host. You can do this by clicking the mute button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.


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If you wish to ask any questions please unmute or use the Chat feature.


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Inclusivity, safety, respect, confidentiality and consent are fundamental principles at Jelly workshops and events.