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The Invisible Dress

Now running till 5 Jan

Exhibition extended to 5th January! 

Wednesdays to Saturdays 11am to 6pm and Sundays 11am to 4pm.
(Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day)

“Changed my perception of fragrance”

“Something you’d see in Paris”


Is ‘The Invisible Dress’ The Most Important Clothing That We Own?

‘The Invisible Dress’ refers to the scents that we use to complete our look and feel; scents are highly evocative and can trigger emotional responses that recall memories from decades ago. The exhibition has been curated by E. Gabriel De Carvalho, HUMOS Head Perfumer, with Gabriel also designing the fragrances. The flowers and exhibition’s decoration are by Wesley St Cyr and Wendy Whitehea of Blooming Ashley’s Flowers, with Graphic Design by Svetlana G and supported by Technical Assistant, Robert Doyle.

An innovative exhibition, ‘The Invisible Dress’ will elevate sensory awareness by bringing together scents and sights that tantalise the viewer. Those who attend the exhibition will experience the dresses in the sketches come to life through fragrance. These visualisations will encourage attendees to interact with the exhibition’s fragrances and experience the scents that the team at HUMOS call ‘invisible couture’.

The dresses are sketches made real, with each dress a floral representation of the notes and fragrances on the sketched dresses. The fragrance for each dress has been carefully selected and curated as designer gowns created in fragrance form to be worn as invisible couture.

Rather than adopt the fragrances curated for the exhibition, attendees will be able to book a more personal session to create their own ‘invisible dress’, tailored to their own tastes and personalities in a fragrance-making experience or workshop.

The team at HUMOS are passionate about creating scents that are personalised to the wearer and believe that it is an important element of creating a statement of self. The exhibition, ‘The Invisible Dress’, will help attendees to understand more about scents and fragrance and the critical role it plays in setting the scenes around us, whether by room mist, candle or perfume.