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Hi-Visceral *CANCELLED*

Hi-Visceral welcomes you to our Launch Event at Risc: Global Cafe Presenting: Violet + Martin Roberts + Memory Farm.

Tickets - £4 OTD, £3 Online (SeeTickets)

Set Times:
Violet: 8.30-9.00

Martin Roberts: 9.15-9.45

Memory Farm: 10.00-10.45

Plus Hi-Visceral DJ Set Till Close - as a regroup and summing up of the vibe!



Rough but ambient.. sweetly dissonant, the angst of the 21st century manifests with each note, accompanied with a spiritual essence. Fed up but hopeful..neatly unkempt.


Martin Roberts:
A mixture of mini-lecture/presentations and stupid songs. To Be Performed in front of glaring strangers and friends.


Memory Farm:
Memory Farm are a means to a mirror; a reflection of beauty found in the most grotesque face. Their recorded material is explosive yet simultaniuosly expansive, as is their live show.
The songs of Memory Farm are cerebral patchworks, with little events and instances being magnified by the intensity by which the band wield their instruments. The work of Memory Farm is directly indirect and they are well aware of this; no answers, no explaination, no apologies. However, the question raised, lyrically and sonically are ever mutating alongside the band, and this is exhilerating.
Memory Farm are here to give you a sonic beating and then cuddle you afterwards; they are nothing if not a towering, monolithic question mark. How you feel about this is important, and yet utterly irrelavent.