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U slip into: Lover

Sat 8 Feb, 8:30pm-11pm

"Roses are red,
Gender is performative,
Mass-market romance is hetero-normative."

Let us be your rutilated lover.

A queer cabaret night platforming LGBTQIA+ experiences. Submerge urself in drag & experimental performance, art & sound. U slip into Lover is a space for anyone who know what it is like to be othered, alienated or rendered invisible. It is a night of performative reclamation and right good laugh.

Zero tolerance for harassment/discrimination. No transphobia, homophobia, racism, islamophobia, body shaming, slut shaming, fat phobia, sexism, ableism. Double Okay and After Dark Club staff will be available on hand on the night if you need any support.

Donations welcome; we are a queer artist-led collective running on limited funding, and all funds go back into running future events and paying artists.

A mixture of T-shirts, prints & zines will be available on the night to purchase. Please bring cash!