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Pop-Up Print Sale

Garage Gallery x Double Okay


GarageGallery62 x Double Okay present to you a Pop-Up Print Sale! Come beat the January blues with some tip top work from local queer artists.

Double Okay is your dream queer & trans* artist trio, comprised of Ollie Musson, G K Field & Oren Shoesmith. GarageGallery62 is an artist-led grass-roots space run by G K Field. Imbedded within the local community, it is a free space for creative experimentation. Donations are welcome; we are a queer artist-led collective running on limited funding, and all funds go back into future events and paying artists.

GarageGallery62 is accessible via the gate on the right hand-side of the house. There is no toilet on site, please use the College Arms pub on Wokingham Road. 

Please bring cash to buy your prints. There is a free cash point outside the Post Office on Wokingham Road.