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Mesa X Helen Cox

Part of Dance Reading 19 Festival

Experience dance like never before in an immersive evening with a five course meal created by food artist Ines Neto dos Santos. With food that blends and borrows themes and aesthetics from a brand new contemporary dance piece, Bodies in Space, by Helen Cox, the audience will experience this multi-sensory performance in multiple sections throughout the evening, seamlessly linking the dance performance and the food experience together.

You can expect to come away from the evening with new ideas of what dance and a meal can be, both on its own and together.

About Bodies in Space: For the last 10 years NASA's Kepler space telescope has been recording light emitted from stars far beyond our universe. This information has been turned into sound, and the recordings are pulsating, otherworldly, and epic - opening the imagination to the vastness of our universe.

In contrast, we began to wonder, what would we hear at the other end of the scale, at an atomic scale? Our human ears are quite limited, we can't hear atoms, just like we can't hear the stars, but in a similar way to stars, we can convert their characteristics like light and colour, into sound.

From the most micro and macro parts of our world, Dougie Brown (sound designer) and Helen Cox (choreographer) come together to create an experience that will ignite your curiosity and stretch your imagination.

Friday 22nd November

RISC Conference Hall, 35-39 London St, Reading, RG14PS

Please arrive at 7pm. You will be greeted with a cocktail on arrival, and water will be available throughout. You are welcome to bring your own drinks for the rest of the evening.

Tickets £28 (plus booking fee) This ticket price includes a five course meal and a drink.