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The Head Wrap Diaries: Uchenna Dance

Hair – worn long, worn short, worn curly, wrapped up or in braids – is the subject of The Head Wrap Diaries, a funny and uplifting show that mixes dance, theatre and storytelling with a good dose of humour.

You are welcomed to a hair salon called Be-U-Tiful; where three fierce, clever female characters take you on a journey that explores femininity, beauty, culture and hair and will have you laughing out loud. This exciting show features a fabulously produced score by Ghanaian musician and composer Kweku Aacht who provides a sizzling soundtrack of sounds from Afro-house, folk and electronic dance music to jazz and Ghana gospel. 

Why not check out the Uchenna Dance workshop at 6.30pm, and learn some moves beforehand with Uchenna Dance performers themselves! Live in your living room. No experience necessary, just plenty of energy!

“The Head Wrap Diaries is a production that needs to be made with stories that need to be told”. Curlture UK

“If you came prepared for a lecture, prepare to be disappointed. If you came for a party, prepare to get one”. The Reviews Hub

“A standing ovation worthy performance by Uchenna Dance. A-MAZING”. Gender In Dance