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NOCTURN // Yes Men Dance

Part of Dance Reading 19 Festival

Yes Men Dance!

A safe supportive space for anyone who identifies as male to learn to, or return to, dance led by male professional dancer John Darvell of NOCTURN.

Embarrassment is a key factor in stopping men from dancing. This class is the best way to lose your dance inhibitions while learning the core skills of contemporary dance with support tailored to the male body and each individual’s way of learning. 

This class welcomes men over 18 years old (lgbt+ inclusive). Enjoy learning contemporary dance, build strength and challenge yourself at a pace that is suitable for you.

If you have lost the space for dance in your life or have felt that this sort of thing isn't for men like you, trust can dance.

We recommend loose comfortable clothing and bare feet for all classes.

Saturday 9th November

St. Bart’s Church, St Bartholomews Rd, Reading RG1 3QA

3pm - 4.30pm

Tickets £6 (plus booking fee)