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iCare arts workshop

A free online creative course designed to help with mental health and wellbeing.

This creative workshop explores the concept of ‘care’. To ‘care’ means different things for different people. What kinds of things do you ‘care’ for? What does caring mean to you and your community? How has this ‘caring’ changed throughout time, and especially during this global pandemic?

This workshop is delivered with the University of Reading’s Art department, as part of a project which invites participants from different backgrounds and communities to use art as a way of engaging with social issues that concern them. 

There is no need for previous artistic experience as the project is open and flexible. For this session, please bring an ‘object of care’ with you, this could be a photograph, a sound object, a story, a memory, an artwork, a physical object, a poem, a video, a collage, anything that represents ‘care’ to you. The medium doesn’t matter. This is only for us to start a conversation around caring for ourselves and for others.