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Club Velocity presents In Malcolm We Trust Number 10

Wolfs/Eat Daddy Eat/New Puritans

In Malcolm We Trust Number Ten
Celebrating the birthday of the one and only Malcolm Unwin. Punter, promoter and lead singer.He is one of the good guys.

He is one of the faces on the local Reading music scene. If he likes your band-then you must be doing something great.

The bands playing

Your fave two piece rocknroll pop hitting machine.
For punks.For pop kids.For rock fans.
This side of bubblegum-with a huge dash of tuneage.
Tip top stuff.Ace.

Your fave three piece-full on the throttle punknroll
beast.They deal in great rocknroll for the masses.

Your face four piece-new wave Reading legends.
No messing around from these punk rockers.