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WW1 Navy Records for Family Historians Workshop

For family and Social Historians

This workshop is designed for Family Historians who are researching their relatives who served in the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Naval Division during World War One.

WW1 saw a huge change in the Royal Navy with submarines and aircraft joining the fleet for the first time in a major conflict. We will look at some of these and what they meant to the men and women who served. We will look at the ranks and also the roles each rank undertook both onboard ship and ashore. Finally, we will unravel some of the terminology and jargon used.

Pre-booking is required as places are limited. Bookings close one day before the event.

11am - 1pm

About Berkshire Family History Society

This workshop is organised by Berkshire Family History Society, a registered charity number 283010.