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In Association with National Theatre Connections 2020

26 Feb 2020-28 Feb 2020

-- Part of National Theatre Connections programme 2019 --

Look Up plunges us into a world free from adult intervention, supervision and protection. It’s about seeking the truth for yourself and finding the space to find and be yourself. Nine young people are creating new rules for what they hope will be a new and brighter future full of hope in a world in which they can trust again. Each one of them is unique, original and defiantly individual, break into an abandoned building and set about claiming the space, because that is what they do. They have rituals, they have rules, together they are a tribe, they have faith in themselves... and nothing and no one else. They are the future, unless the real world catches up with them and then all they can hope for is that they don't crash and burn like the adults they ran away from in the first place.

Collaborating with the amazing Strictly Street Dance Company.

Supporting Sport in Mind, the Mental Health Sports Charity with our charity performance on the 28th February.