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Souped Up Reading

Ft Serum, Voltage and Benny Page

Serum and Benny Vee bring the legendary Souped-Up records to Reading's SUB89.

Souped Up has taken the DNB scene by storm with their wicked tunes, wacky humor and Vinny the mascot! Their releases over lockdown have been topping the charts with tunes such as Chop House & Veteran so we decided it's time for a proper rave to celebrate!
A Transcend Jungle event


  •  Serum
  •  Voltage
  •  Benny page
  •  Benny V
  •  RUDNB ft Sidewinder
  •  DJ Shift
  •  No-one

Hosted by:

  •  Inja
  •  Mystery
  •  MC Sye