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On Track Online

A South Street & RedCape Theatre production

View anytime until 19th September 2021

South Street & RedCape Theatre are proud to present a filmed version of our live theatre show 'On Track' recorded at The Hexagon on 28th May 2021.

When lockdown begins Kit’s world shrinks. Staying at home has meant a retreat back to the role of mother, home-maker, with teacher thrown in too. With the walls closing in, her garage and 2 wheels become her sanctuary...

On Track is a new site-specific play drawing on true stories and using RedCape’s trademark blend of comedy and visual, physical theatre. The audience follow Kit’s journey of discovery through the history of women’s cycling. 

Performed at The Hexagon Theatre in May 2021 - reimagined as a Velodrome - On Track explores the effects of Covid on our mental health and tells the story of how a simple bicycle has become a vehicle to freedom once again. Celebrating both people and pedal power.

Created & Performed by Cassie Friend
Written by Catherine Dyson
Theatre show directed by Sabina Netherclift & Rebecca Loukes
Film directed & edited by Henry Steedman

Produced by John Luther

Production Manager: Adrian Croton
Sound design: Dan Bryan
Set Design: Martin West
Cycling Consultants: Andy Edwards & Kat Morris

Supported by Arts Council England with funding from the National Lottery
Developed at & supported by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

Recommended 14+

After purchasing your ticket you will be sent an e-ticket with a link to the film, hosted on our website. Please note that you will only be able to watch the film if you are logged into the account with which you bought your ticket.