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Culture Together

A digital panel event demonstrating the importance of Culture and Togetherness to get through Covid.

This digital panel event will demonstrate the importance of Culture and Togetherness to get through Covid, as well as being an opportunity to share learning among the sector.

The event will be chaired by Mary Genis, Artistic Director of CultureMix Arts Ltd. Four panelists will be sharing their stories, knowledge and thoughts about adapting to Covid and overcoming challenges. They will also demonstrate the resilience shown by the Cultural sector. These panelists are:

• Steph J Weller, Producer of Reading Fringe Festival

• Liz Allum, Executive Producer of Dance Reading

• Suzanne Stallard, Founder and Director of Jelly

• Christie O’Carroll, Associate Director of Reading Rep

The panelists will be answering questions such as “What has the role of Culture been during this time?” and “How can the Cultural Sector continue to adapt moving forwards?”

Culture Together will be livestreamed on Reading Culture Live and on the What’s On Reading Facebook page – but you can also be part of the discussion by registering on Eventbrite. Please use the space provided when registering for this event to ask any questions you would like to be discussed.