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Guilty Pleasures

w/ DJ Lady Lloyd & Dream Team dancers

Guilty Pleasures is the UK’s best pop night, a club where the spirit of Umbrella-era Rihanna downs shots with Whitney Houston, while Dua Lipa doesn’t stop moving to the funky funky beat with S Club 7 and Lady GaGa loses it over the fact that Backstreet is back, all right? 

Pop kids, we’re all in this together. So throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let those anthems course through your veins.

Hosting and DJing on the night will be Lady Lloyd (from Drag Queens Of London) joined by The Clapham Grand’s all dancing Dream Team.


Printhouse will be split into several different seating areas, each with a different theme. The Winter Garden, The Live Room, The Chalet and The Playroom.

Our extensive food and drink menu will be available across the whole venue, so wherever you decide to book you can still enjoy our amazing offering! The live room is dedicated to events, so if you love entertainment, that is THE place to book. The Chalet offers a more intimate setting. So if you just fancy a drink, some food and a catch up with friends or colleagues, book here!

Each ticket represents a seat at a table, some bookable sessions are completely free, and others are £5 including your first drink.