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Education c.1860 – c.1914 Online Workshop

For Family and Social Historians

With tutor: Joan Dils

In this workshop, discover how English education was transformed between about 1860 and the start of the First World War. 

After 1870, schools run by local elected boards (Board Schools) supplemented those founded by religious bodies. In turn, in 1902 schools became council schools administered by local education authorities. Throughout the period, teacher training was improved, the school syllabus developed and pupil numbers increased until, in the 1890s, compulsory free schooling was provided for most children.

The result enabled many of our ancestors to seek new and more varied employment opportunities that their forefathers could only have dreamed of. 


Tickets cost £10 (Berkshire Family History Society members £9). Pre-booking is required because full joining instructions using Zoom  will be emailed in advance. Bookings close one day before the event.

About Berkshire Family History Society

This workshop is organised by Berkshire Family History Society, a registered charity number 283010.