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Live Music

Rusty, Lucky, Richey, Chas and Ted.

Maximum skiffle & roll from the dancehall days.

Somewhere between The Cavern Club and Canvey Island. 

“The TR5’s” are unique in many ways. Part skiffle, part rock ‘n’ roll and part early r ‘n’ b their sound epitomises a bygone era of cool, with an epic sounding unit of voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, double bass and drums.

With set lists made up of out-of-the-ordinary (but not unknown) 50’s and 60’s tunes, deliberately chosen to stand out, the band are guaranteed to capture your attention and have you hitting the dancefloors. Their charismatic and energetic stage show is perfect for those great nights out that we all long for again.


5 individuals shown in black and white. Two men on the left wear dark suit jackets and dark shirts, whereas two men on the right are in white shirts with dark ties & centre is a woman in a printed dress.