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Monthly Shanty Session

In association with Reading Shanty Singers

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Communal Songs of the sea and waterways. No experience necessary. Everyone welcome. Bring a song or several to lead, join in with the choruses or just listen along with a pint.

Back on the second Wednesday of the month. Outdoor (Covid-cautious) Summer Sessions for June-Sept and we'll see how things are after that!

We recommended booking a table in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

Book a table online here:

The safety of those visiting the pub and the staff working on the premises is paramount. Therefore, to ensure a safe evening for all, we ask that all attendees abide by the following:

  • Masks worn when moving about the venue.
  • NHS Track & Trace App check-in upon arrival.
  • Hands sanitised upon entry.

'Well it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog,
It's all for me beer and tobacco.
For I spent all me tin on the lassies drinking gin,
Far across the western ocean I must wander.'

[A note on content: This session is intended to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Not all traditional shanty lyrics are compatible with that aim, so we would ask that people avoid the dodgy verses/change the words to keep in line with that aim (which is also pretty true to the tradition, as any shantyman worth their salt would be making up verses to suit the shared experience of the crew anyway). This isn't to say don't sing the lewd/risqué songs, just think about how you're framing them - for example: the sailor protagonist saying they got robbed after getting drunk and sleeping with someone; "therefore, all women are terrible human beings", which is not so great, or "therefore, they're an idiot and probably shouldn't have got so drunk" which is fine. Basically, use a bit of common sense, and be aware of what you're singing and who your audience is and there'll be no need for the bosun's starter.]